The PJ's Plumbing & Heating Story

PJ’s Plumbing and Heating was founded in 1982 by Patrick McMullen with a desire to provide high quality plumbing and heating systems to the Gallatin Valley.  Over the past thirty plus years, PJ’s has had the pleasure of working on everything from small sink repairs to large commercial projects with complex geothermal and solar systems.

Owners Erik & Mandie Chidester

Owners Erik & Mandie Chidester

In 2004, Erik Chidester and his family moved to the “Last Best Place”, and started working as a Journeyman plumber for PJ’s Plumbing and Heating. Erik has been working in the plumbing and heating industry since 1994. He received his Masters license in the state of Idaho in 1999, and in Montana in 2005.

Pat decided in 2014 that it was time to pass the torch of business ownership to Erik and Mandie Chidester.  Erik had the same desire to install excellent quality systems with great emphasis on superior design. With this experience and talent, PJ’s has been in several magazines for their innovative work and amazing installations. 

Mandie, Erik’s wife, has worked side by side with her father in the plumbing field in Idaho at a very young age. She now works in the office at PJ’s Plumbing and Heating. Together, Erik and Mandie plan to build on the great foundation that has made PJ’s a reputable company. PJ’s Plumbing and Heating will continue providing top notch plumbing and heating systems, superior customer service, and an amazing work environment for their employees.